IP Management


Bringing the new venture’s invisible assets to a competitive value.

How The Edge
can help you about IP?

Improve your strategic operational effectiveness and efficiency;
Improve IP processes through technology, business and legal advice;
Improve the freedom to operate;
Clarify the local IP and international landscapes and control costs;
Reduce the risk by leveraging our deep expertise and best practices.

IP Management Overview

The Intellectual Property (IP) job and lifecycle cover multifaceted processes that require committed operations and extensive resources across administrative, legal, and technical teams.
IP management means exploitation of IP, starting from R&D, R&I, technology creation and transfer following the process of commercialization of scientific results.

The Edge IP Process

We work together to scan and recognize technologies with large commercial potential and facilitate technology transfers and commercialization for start-ups/spin-offs. The technology, innovation and business development follow the figure.

Technology Transfer

is a valuable way of collaboration between academic and business organizations with open and disruptive innovation. Our team helps students, their teams and new business ventures to create value from access to The Edge staff and our partners’ expertise and facility. We connect and involve entrepreneurs in the technology research and assessment.

Technology Commercialization

We help new business ventures to develop by providing access to internal and external experts in the technology, business and law fields. We connect and involve entrepreneurs in the IP and IPR environment.

We use a due diligence checklist to provide a method that appraises the commercialization potential of a particular invention and its associated IP. It measures the interest and TT&TC opportunity on the inventor side based on key criteria that define the best pathway for creating value and impact. It assesses the following areas:

  • Market;
  • R&D Requirements;
  • Stage of Technology Development, TRL;
  • IP;
  • Regulatory Issues;
  • Financial Requirements.


We offer implementation of the AHP Model and tool for Evaluation of Start-ups/Spin-offs and SMEs.
We also have a collection of publications that can be found through this site.