Turning Innovations into Commercial Success.

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About Us

The Edge: Research and Business Development is a spin-off company of JA Bulgaria created to fill-in the gap between innovative, high-tech academic research and its commercialization worldwide.

We support the development of innovative research projects while improving companies’ competitiveness through an open and disruptive innovation paradigm, lean startup and proven university-business collaboration model.

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Our services

We offer creative co-design, new technology and knowledge transfer, consulting and mentoring applying innovative techniques such as: Lean LaunchPad education program, Design Thinking and modern methods for corporate intrapreneurship and “StartUp” mindset.

Education and Training

Offering a variety of education and training courses and programs for development of entrepreneurial competence and mindset based on 50+ years of proven experience of the team members.

Corporate Consulting

Organizational inertia, outdated business models and lack of proper leadership support can easily prevent innovation and growth. But when companies combine entrepreneurial approach and mindset with unique strengths and capabilities, they can increase the chances of improving their leadership and processes to achieve higher growth.

Startups Mentoring and Facilitation

Building new businesses can be hard and majority of StartUp companies fail. Mentoring and facilitating student teams is critical to entrepreneurship education but the framework and the approach are often not well-defined, lacking clear understanding of effective practices.

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Danish Embassy, Building

54B „Alexander Dondukov“ Blvd.

Sofia, Bulgaria

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